Interpersonal Mode of Communication (IP)

MLI.IP1 The students exchange simple spoken and written information in the target language, utilizing cultural references where appropriate. The students:

A. Use basic greetings, farewells, and expressions of courtesy, in both oral and written forms.
B. Express likes, dislikes, emotions, agreement and disagreement.
C. Make simple requests.
D. Ask for clarification.
E. Give simple descriptions.
F. Comprehend basic directions.
G. Ask questions and provide responses based on topics such as self, family, school,etc.
H. Use sequenced information, such as the alphabet, days of the week, months, seasons, and numbers 0 to 100 in context.

Being that I observe High Schools as a requirement for another class related to the M.A./M.A.T. Spanish program, I have found a great activity thanks to Señor Shannon Hattaway from Portal Middle High School. There is no link to this activity because it was performed in his classroom.

On the SmartBoard (Interactive Whiteboard) there will be a website, for the sake of example I’m going to use http://www.footlocker.com/. Individually, a student will go to the SmartBoard while another describes what type of shoe he/she wants. They can use descriptions such as the type of shoe, color, etc and also number through shoe size and currency.

Example: Tony goes up to the board while Tommy describes what type of shoe he wants; “Yo quiero unos zapatos de tenis, en el color de azul y negro. Mi tamaño es diez (10) y no quiero pagar más de $200.00  dólares (I want some tennis shoes that are blue and black. My shoe size is 10 and I don’t want to pay more than $200.00 dollars).” So then Tony, uses the SmartBoard to navigate through the website until he comes across some shoes that are blue and black in a size 10 that is less than/equal to $200.


The goal of this activity is for students to hear the target language and be able to understand descriptions such as color, size, currency, etc and be able to produce a product based off the given descriptions.


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