Web 2.0 Tools

2. Communication and Collaboration

Students use digital media and environments to
communicate and work collaboratively, including
at a distance, to support individual learning and
contribute to the learning of others.

a.  Interact, collaborate, and publish with peers,
experts, or others employing a variety of digital
environments and media
b.  Communicate information and ideas effectively
to multiple audiences using a variety of media
and formats
c.  Develop cultural understanding and global
awareness by engaging with learners of
other cultures
d.  Contribute to project teams to produce original
works or solve problems


Edmodo can be used for not only keeping track of homework  and the lesson of the day but they can also chat with other students and ask for help. The teacher can post polls and even assign work that can be made with other web tools such as Animoto, Make Belief Comix (not listed), or Devolver (not listed). Since I would base my class (no matter the level but preferably middle grades), as a Spanish class, students can have assignments through Edmodo to practice their Spanish using other web tools.


I feel as though Kidblog can be a great site for a Spanish class (preferably middle grades). Students will have an assignment where they must make a blog (either individually or in a group) where they will practice their writing skills (i.e. write a composition, narrative, etc). The students will be able to read each other’s blogs and then the next school day will be spent reading, responding and reviewing the blogs.


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