Interpersonal Mode of Communication (IP)

MLI.IP1 The students exchange simple spoken and written information in the target language,
utilizing cultural references where appropriate. The students:

A. Use basic greetings, farewells, and expressions of courtesy, in both oral and written forms.
B. Express likes, dislikes, emotions, agreement and disagreement.
C. Make simple requests.
D. Ask for clarification.
E. Give simple descriptions.
F. Comprehend basic directions.
G. Ask questions and provide responses based on topics such as self, family, school, etc.
H. Use sequenced information, such as the alphabet, days of the week, months, seasons, and numbers 0 to 100 in context.


Oral Interview 1 – Spanish I
After the instruction of the first several chapters of the textbook, students will have to do an Oral Interview to assess their Listening and Speaking skills with the teacher. Each student must be able to present and describe themselves (Chapter 1), describe their school schedule and some activities they do outside of school (Chapter 2), Describe their family members using descriptive and possessive adjectives, (Chapter 3), and talk about their hobbies or favorite pastimes (Chapter 4).  To receive an A, students should be able to speak in complete sentences using, subject, verbs, nouns, and adjectives. They should also give full details about each subject and be able to speak without too many or long pauses. Students will have to use the required vocabulary given from their textbook and should only need a question or statement repeated once (at the maximum) from the interviewer (or the teacher).



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