Fair Use

My Teaching Philosophy

            My goal as a teacher is to help you navigate through the Internet to find credible and useful sources for research. It is of the upmost importance as a teacher to make sure that every student who enters my class will learn that search for research sources can be easy if used correctly. It is important that I teach you to use sources other than blogs and sources that cannot be credited as true.

I will post weekly assignments in which you will have to find sources from credible sites to write an annotated bibliography. Each site that you use must have a credible source stated somewhere on the page to be of use. If no information can be found, then it will not be accepted. Students will study different Internet information such as sites that end in .org, .edu, .gob, and so forth. I will show you how to use search engines to your advantage so that you can skip past the incredible sources and find the information that is of most use.

My rules are simple yet very important to successfully completing the class:

  1. Always use the correct technique when using search engines such as Google, Bing, etc
  2. Check that the site is credible before looking for information, trying looking at the bottom of the page or “About Us” section
  3. Keep away from blogs and popular sites that can be altered easily.
  4. Always cite each and every source using the correct MLA or APA format.
  5. When in doubt, use another source.



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