Authentic Instruction

I tried my hardest to find a website with great pictures and scenarios so that I could do the Role Play Method. The best tools I could come up with were,, or perhaps

The standard used for this activity would be Communication and Collaboration and also Creativity and Innovation.  I picked these two standards because when learning the language, communication is key to learning the rules and collaboration with other students can be helpful. I also picked creativity and innovation because students should be able to still use their creativity even if they aren’t sure about the language they are learning.

This activity can actually be used in any level from K-12 and colleges, but just for the sake of this assignment, I am making the level Spanish 2 or 3 on a high school level. I chose this level because students still have their creative minds flowing around this age and my expectations are to see creativity and innovation.

For my assignment, students will be paired in partners or groups of 3 (depending on class size). They will be given a scenario, i.e.: 

Estas enseñando a su hijo/hija cómo manejar un carro.
(You are teaching your child how to drive a car.)

Vocabulario/Verbos: carro, la licencia de conducir, la carretera, manejar, estacionar, parar
(Vocabulary/Verbs): car, driver’s license, highway, to drive, to park, to stop)

The students will then have to write a dialogue and record a video performing the scenario. Students can use Google+ to do a video chat, but the main goal is to see students record a session in an actual car, speaking with each other and then using the editor from YouTube or SchoolTube to enhance the quality.


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